Windward has new Name and Hailing Port Signage

A hard day’s work today. Lots of finishing up of the heavy work, got canvas off for re-stitching, anti-fouling is nearing completion as is painting, polishing and the prop refurbishment.

Steve is getting there on the Dynaplate (for grounding the SSB antennae in the water) – hilarious the way he walks around cradling the plate (it is expensive) like a new born baby.

Had the navigation electronics guru (Pete Wielandt) around to help us decide what the most effective upgrades would be for AIS and general integration of current and potential future kit. Looks like a new multi-function display needed but this will provide some future optionality as kit like FLR becomes cheaper.

Organised the missing teak mosquito net hatch covers and bought some bits and bobs for the old dinghy which is (surprisingly) holding its air and looking like we may use it awhile yet. Still thinking about getting a Caribe Hypalon and a 2 stroke engine for many reasons.

Steve delegated us the task of marking out and loading the new 5/16 G4 chain (300 feet thereof – now marked out in meters because that is what we intuitively understand and also the charts are marked in meters) and loading it and the current anchor (the new Rocna 33 will take a while to arrive yet). All went relatively smoothly except for some minor learning points – I am sure these were the point of Steve’s delegation!! (Or maybe that he had already marked out the old chain before we decided to renew it and a) we had to pay for his work marking and loading the old one so he did not want us to pay twice and b) we should learn to make our minds up ahead of time and c) it would have been boring for him)

So.  New signage for a name that we like and continues. A new hailing port in Falmouth which is our nearest substantial port to our home in Praa Sands, Cornwall and from where we have done some good sailing.









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