Fort Lauderdale Boat Show 2016

Apparently “the world’s biggest” (you hear that term a lot in the US of A) in water boat show.

Not real boats like Windward but motor yachts ranging from the traditional wooden slipper launch to the ones topped off with helicopters:


Serious money at play, the kit we could show an interest in was at the bottom most end of navigation and related stuff.

How about this for parking (we walked in down Las Olas Boulevard from Isle of Venice):


And if you are in the market for a second hand boat for $half a mil or so, here’s a few:


Herds of people around (my favourite …). Not one but THREE cruise ships ferrying them in for the show:


A fascinating show of technology and the wealth and buying power of the American economy. It is clearly a huge employment and trickle down power for economic societal good in the Fort Lauderdale area.





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