Allans Cay

First stop after Nassau (New Provident Island which features prominently in Pirate History) [See Note 1 below] was Allans Cay, near the top of the chain of Exuma islands and cays.

This was a lovely spot on the surface – lovely anchorage, very well sheltered. However, it was very disappointingly littered underneath the surface (something that has dininished the further away from the mainland that we have travelled).

Sunset was lovely and suitably celebrated.

We moved on early next day as a big blow was forecast and we had secured a mooring buoy in the very beautiful Warderick Wells National Park on which to sit it out.

Note 1. “A brief History of the Caribbean” by Jan Rogozinski (academic but thorough) and “The Republic of Pirates” by Colin Woodard (equally thorough but more swashbuckling) provide a good background.


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