Warderick Wells

We moved on promptly from Allans Cay as there was a blow coming up. It does not look that heavy in the clip, due to the protected location but those that were stuck outside had a hard time of it. We met Wolfgang Berg (see Kindle books on Amazon of his yacht travels and travails) and he was at Staniel Cay and had to stay at the helm the whole night with a constantly dragging anchor. He was grumpy!!

After the blow, you can see how beautiful it was:

And of course an amazing sunset …

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and some more wanderings and pleasurable sights…


and a final sunset and off in the morning:


One thought on “Warderick Wells

  1. Hi there Sailors!! You guys are certainly living the dream, taking time to explore every
    stop on the way, taking awesome images to share with us land-lubbers. Many thanks!

    Carry on as above,
    lots of love.


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