Georgetown is pleasant enough but the context of our visit and stay, a sick turbocharger, took the shine off.

Nevertheless, some pleasant outings to the beach.

and a good read and relax, waiting for parts.


There was some decent underwater viewing on a small coral reef about a mile in from the southern entrance to Elizabeth Harbour.

We spent some time wandering around it as well as chilling on the shore at Stocking Island, south of the busy anchorage. Note the new 15HP Yamaha outboard for the ancient Mercury dinghy.

Dolly Dolphin attached herself to us when we were sightseeing by dinghy along Stocking Island. She refused to leave us and gambolled around the sides and front of the dinghy. I whistled through my teeth at her and she seemed to appreciate it, coming up and having an eyeful of us every now and then.

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