Andrew’s Visit!!

What a highlight on our voyage! Andrew decided at short notice to visit us.

After a great sail down from Anegada, we had a gentle stayover in Jost at Little Harbour. Thence to Caneel Bay on St. John (USA) and a dingy around to clear in at Cruz Bay. In the morning we sailed up to Lindbergh Bay which is right next to the St. John airport. Andrew came strolling down the beach from the airport and I dingyed in to pick him up. So great to be together again.

We had to motor sail back against the prevailing easterlies and headed for Mayo Bay. This was a delightful anchorage and a fine braai was had.

The next day we had a great hike up over the volcanic mountain and over to Reef Bay where we had a swim and wandered around the impressive remains of the Reef Bay Sugar Mill.

On the way back, we visited the site of some ancient petroglyphs.

Walking through the now 2nd to 3rd generation mountain foliage growth, which appears as primeval as the petroglyphs, it is hard to imagine that it was once a sea of sugar cane toiled at by slaves in the baking sun.

We then sailed over to Little Harbour on Jost van Dyk and cleared in at Great Harbour.


The following day we sailed to The Caves on Norman Island for some spectacular snorkelling and sunset views.

There was some excitement when a large Catamaran filled with charter guests lost its engines whilst not yet moored, right next to us. We jumped in the dingy and helped them attach to a buoy and were pleasantly surprised with the later gift of a fine bottle of champagne and a good French wine!

We dingyed over to The Indians off Pelican Island the next morning for some more spectacular snorkelling. Had another little emergency and had to help a large guy who had got into trouble in the water into the dingy and back to his boat.

Onwards the next day to the Great Bight and a day of a gentle walk, chilling at the local beach bar and a visit to Willy T’s.

Tuesday morning and sadly it was time for Andrew to return to SF.  We sailed over to Sopers Hole on Tortola where he caught the ferry back to St. Thomas for his flight. He managed to leave his favourite shirt behind so he will just have to visit us again sometime!

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