Crossing to Saba and St. Maarten

We parked off at our favourite anchorage in Virgin Gorda off Prickly Island and planned the crossing (for Liz’s birthday!!) to Saba. We left at 17h00 hours, passing through the Necker Passage and out into the Atlantic, setting course for Saba.

We had steady winds and a good strong sail overnight with a reef in the main and several furls in the Genoa.

All went well until just before dawn as Saba started to come into view. Then the Genoa furling line parted and the full Genoa was released. This was too much sail for the conditions so I had to go forward and with some difficulty secure the sail and get it furled by hand.

No sooner than I was back in the cockpit than a weld on the dingy davits parted and we had to secure them and the dingy with rope PDQ.


It was light by then so we had a look at the Saba Moorings. These were rather hostile in high wind and rough seas.

Given that we needed some rigging and other services and the stainless steel welded, we decided to forego Saba and push over to St. Maarten. Rather tired, we anchored off outside the Simpson Bay bridge after a 22 hour trip (we just missed an entry slot to get into the lagoon) for a rather rolly and fitful night’s sleep.

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