St. Barts to St. Kitts

A weather window of Force 4 winds opened briefly so we took the opportunity to clear out and sail to St. Kitts. It was a 49NM beam reach for the most part and we spanked along at 6-7 knots mostly.


Around the northern headland of St. Kitts we had some bumpy seas and higher winds and eventually had to take the sails in and motor as the wind bent around the mountains and went dead ahead of us. It was interesting viewing the various islands around us from the sea.

We anchored in Whitehouse Bay at the southern end of the island and had a pleasant sundowner at the beach bar/café of the Christophe Harbour development (bo ons vuurmaak plek).

The next morning we got up early to climb the local mountain trail before the sun got high and hot. A very pleasant 4 hour round hike with parts reminiscent of Cape Fynbos.

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