A post for Dad

Today (7th May) was Dad’s birthday. He loved things French and would have appreciated that we were flying the Tricolour as a courtesy flag, were listening to a local French radio station covering the French Presidential election and playing French music and enjoying the delightful French / Caribbean blend that is the coastal fishing town of Deshais.

Morning dawned with this 1904 vintage wooden cutter ghosting silently out of the bay.

We enjoyed my sister Lesley’s email remembering Dad and rightly praising our Mum.

Les’s point on Dad’s habit of the extra bit of coffee resonated – I do that with both of my two cups of coffee every day.

After breakfast (fruit, yoghurt and muesli mix), we walked the mile uphill to the Jardin Botanique de Deshais which is accurately described as “a perfect botanical garden: nature with a dash of theatre”.

Deshais, as mentioned previously, is a blend of French and Caribbean culture and we are thoroughly enjoying wandering around.

As before, Dad would have loved this place.

One thought on “A post for Dad

  1. Enjoyed this post. How many Latin names of those beautiful flowers do you know? You seem to be having lovely weather.


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