St. Kitts to Guadeloupe

The morning of our departure we looked at Nevis and saw what looked surprisingly like the south easter pushing the table cloth down over table mountain. We should have paid more attention because we were relying on the predicted easterly winds to sail across to Guadeloupe.


As it turned out, the winds were somewhat south of east and we had a hard bash across with a mix of sailing and motor-sailing (mostly). It took 18 hours of 2.5 hour shifts each and when we finally anchored in the back of Deshais Bay, we were ready for a good sleep.

We were glad of the daylight exit through the narrows between St. Kitts and Nevis as there are rocks, islands and reefs to watch for as well as some tricky tidal pushes.

We had some dolphin come and play in our wake on departing and we saw (somewhat more scarily in a yacht) some whales blowing and broaching off the Northern end of Gaudeloupe as we approached Deshais.

In the early evening, we were treated to this amazing view of a traditional ship arriving at sunset.

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