Walk to Fort Napoleon

Up not so early at 07h00 and dingy ride in to Bourg. Met a fisherman cleaning his night’s take next to the dingy jetty.

Local place specialises in transparent bottomed kayaks for viewing the coral. Had a good chat with the owner – watch this space, there may be negotiations to come ….


Nice view of the eccentric Doctor’s house – the ex-owner donated it to the commune with the restriction that it should only be used as accommodation for a local doctor.


The views on the walk up the hill to Fort Napoleon were good as were the abundant flowers and garden vegetation.

The exterior view of Fort Napoleon is rather austere but then that is what you would expect of a fort!

The interior has 18 different rooms with a variety of exhibits.

The “Salaku Hat” was interesting – widely used in the Saintes in years gone by but I have yet to find one on sale in the town.

The battle of the Saintes in which Admiral Rodney demolished the French fleet by the then novel manoeuvre of “breaking the line” (remember the battleships were all “ships of the line” to describe the (crazy) technique of sailing up against each other in two straight lines and seeing who could survive the ensuing carnage). Didn’t see any street names in this delightful French enclave with the word “Rodney” included …..

There was a small art exposition on the walls for local artists.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We walked further to Marigot Bay. A short stop for refreshments at noon was in order.

A reminder that despite the dangers of perforated eardrums, it is still worth checking on your anchor.

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