Toucari Bay

On Saturday 20th May we felt like some exercise and so took a walk from Portsmouth to Toucari Bay. Good exercise as you climb up and down the hills separating the locations and what a find is Toucari Bay and the Keepin’ it Real Beachside Bar and Coffee Shop.

After arranging with the industrious Derrick (who was in the middle of long days of renovating his establishment) and the delightful Carolyn (who served us cold beers with great grace considering that they were so busy) for use of their mooring, we strode back to Prince Rupert Bay, Portsmouth, and brought Windward around to the mooring.


This constitutes a BIG MISS by the Doyle Cruising Guide as it must be one of the best moorings available in the Caribbean. It is a single mooring, set in the very sheltered southern end of the bay in about 14 foot of water.

The mooring itself consists of three stout mud pins set at opposing angles, stout rope and strong shackles all in good condition (we dived on it to make sure). Derrick says he has had a 60 foot yacht on it recently.

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Enter Toucari Bay from outside favouring the southern end of the bay to avoid the coral that extends at least a third out from the northern side. The deep water shallows rapidly in to the mooring so approach slowly. There is good swing room away from the adjacent coral on the southern shore which is a delight to snorkel on.

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The snorkeling is straight off the boat and continues around into the next bay with a steep drop off to add interest. On the Northern side of the bay, there is also good snorkeling and an old wreck reputed to be a German navy vessel from the war years.

As with all great mooring sites, there is an enjoyable sunset to remember.

Due to the renovations, we were unfortunately unable to enjoy Derrick’s cooking. The Facebook page on Keepin’ it Real provided enough evidence for us to plan our return trip up the islands in November to stop by and do this – the renovations should be well in use by then.

Suffice to say that the ambience and surroundings of Keepin’ it Real are very fetching.

We’ll post some updates of the completed renovations on our return.

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