We sailed down to Soufriere in the south west of St. Lucia to clear out and spend a few days exploring the Pitons area. Soufriere itself was bustling and interesting in the typically cheerfully run down Caribbean way.

DSCF1767We took a mooring (obligatory in the park area) at Malgretoute which was a very peaceful and beautiful spot with good snorkelling both off the boat and within dingy distance.

Once again, we enjoyed lovely sunsets.

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The mooring was right below Petit Piton and, inevitably, we decided to have a go at climbing it. Our guide Elias was informative and had been doing the trails there since he was two bricks and a tickey high. He did the whole route barefoot whilst we of course needed more foot protection.

We made it up most of the way but declined the final ascent up the rocks because even though there were ropes, Elias opined that they were in such poor condition that he recommended climbing the rock without using them. Neither of us have the hand and arm strength to do that now, so discretion was the better of valour.

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