Wallilabou and across to Bequia

The coast south from Chateaubelair is very beautiful and we enjoyed the passing views of the green and rocky coast and cliffs of Troumakar Bay, Cumberland Bay and thence into the small Wallilabou Bay. The scenery was reminiscent in some ways of the beautiful Cornish coastline, making us feel a little homesick.

Because of the small space available, we joined the two other boats with a head mooring and a stern line to a dilapidated jetty.

This bay was the scene for some Pirates of the Caribbean shooting and they had some remnants of the artifacts used.

We had a pleasant Creole Prawn meal ashore and the pleasure of meeting Sam and Alex who have been cruising 6 years, circumnavigating in their 30 foot cruiser. Alex was able to give me some suggestions as to my SSB settings which worked so I am now successfully using Airmail over SSB (when I can get a Sailmail station to answer).

As the weather continued to be rainy and miserable, we decided to leave the next day for Bequia.

The wind (once again, contrary to the prediction) stayed in the south east so we could only motorsail, using the foresail (we had swapped the port car onto the starboard side and jury rigged the port side with a block in case we needed that tack) where we could.

The tide in the St. Vincent Bequia channel was quite fierce, starting at a westward set of 17 degrees at the edge of the channel and building to 22 degrees in the middle. Then as we approached Admiralty Bay, it switched to an easterly set of about 17 degrees. So, a crossing in which to pay attention to set and heading if you want to land up in the place you intended to!

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