Passed Petit Canouan on the way in:


There is a big sweeping bay in Canouan with anchoring opportunities all around the bay and moorings up by the Tamarind Beach Hotel, which has the only decent dingy mooring jetty.

We chose to anchor in a good patch of sand (after finding and dragging on sandy rock at the first attempt) in Rameau Bay which is further down the bay and more secluded (i.e. we were the only yacht anchored there).

[Update: We found out after leaving on the cruisers security network that there had been boat boardings and attempted thefts before, during and after our stay, all in front of the Tamarind Beach Hotel – so we chose well to anchor well away]

The surroundings are most pleasant with lush vegetation, interestingly eroded rock faces and our own private beach.



We had a good walk on the island (and spotted the tiniest tortoise ever) and were given a tour of the new Glossy Bay Marina development – this marina will become an addition to our Hurricane Plan as it has very good berthing and strong dock fittings, a good position behind Truffle Hill for the most prevalent approach of malevolent weather, good security for a boat left unattended and a very clean site with little to fly around in the wind and damage boats. It is also a point of entry and has flights to most places local. Its position at 12Deg 41.93N and 61Deg 21.26W is ideal for allowing a run to the south or to the north if one prefers evading action with the approach of a hurricane in this region, whilst providing a good option for sheltering in place.


As always, the snorkeling was good with some interesting coral.


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