After clearing in and doing some book swaps, we ambled around the corner to Sandy Island.

What a chillsome place! All round views and sunsets of note.

We dingied across to Paradise Beach for a pleasant walk and a dop at the Off the Hook beach pub.

Got the first instalment of my UK state pension paid whilst at Sandy Island – they run a pretty efficient system.

Went and dropped the hook at Hillsborough for provisioning and took a local bus (EC$3.50 anywhere per person) over to the town of Windward (how could we of the SV Windward not go there?). Several years ago, I read an interesting article about traditional boat building in Windward, with the skills handed down from their Scottish forebears. It had lots of detail of the tools and “by eye” methods used by the locals and many photos of numerous craft and craftsmen with projects in various states of completion.

Sadly, there is only one project under way and it looks suspiciously like it has been left there part finished as a means to attract tourists. As in Bequia, it seems that the skills have been lost.

The skills in goat slaughter and skinning were however alive and well.

With no agenda to follow, we returned to Sandy Island for some more swimming, sunsets, snorkelling and general chilling out.


We both did circumswimmigations of Sandy Island. On mine, I saw a goodly shark savaging an Octopus. It was putting up a stout resistance but it looked like no way Jose. Thought it prudent to keep my distance.

Check the set of the Rocna – it don’t move .

6 thoughts on “Carriacou

  1. Been anxiously awaiting a new post since Harvey and Irma but haven’t seen anything. Very concerned so please let us all know how you both are. Gael


  2. Hi there. Appreciate the concern. Our strategy is to run away from the storms. We are currently anchored off Grenada and well away from the Hurricane Maria action. We watch the weather like hawks and have SSB radio as a backup if we can’t get internet comms. Best wishes to all and hope the staff in Houston were not too badly affected.


  3. What a relief to know you are well. Over 600 BP employees flooded out including Mike Condon. He didn’t like Houston before that so less keen now. Take care and stay out the way oh big winds.


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