Petit Martinique and Clifton Harbour

Apologies for the delay in blog updates but a combination of dodging the hurricane weather and poor communications have dogged us.

We went around Carriacou back to Petit Martinique intending to fill up with fuel and water. It’s a low key and pleasant place. When we went the next morning to the dock there was a queue (I don’t do queues at the best of times) and as there was a warning for Tropical Storm Harvey, we decided to head for shelter in Clifton Harbour on Union Island.

The graphic showed a “no place to hide” scenario with three disturbances heading our way.


We chose Clifton Harbour because the GRIB files showed that it would come at us from the West at its worst and that meant that we would be well protected in the harbour. This proved to be the case. We chose a stout mooring, clear of other boats that was shallow enough for us to dive on and inspect. We also attached reinforcing lines from the chain on the concrete below up and onto our deck cleats. It blew some but we felt very secure.

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