Return to Sandy Island

With a beady eye on Hurricane Irma’s path, we did a quick refuel at Petit Martinique and then ran up to Hillsborough on Carriacou to check in again and re-provision and then onto a mooring buoy off Sandy Island.


We again expected the worst weather effects from the West (and so it turned out) and chose a buoy that would be protected from a north-westerly swell and that we could dive on and reinforce.

The rain squalls coming through were quite spectacular.

We had some pleasant walking on the hills above with great views onto Tyrell Bay, the mangrove swamps and Sandy Island.



A cool one at “Off the Hook” on Paradise Beach rewarded the exercise.

Beach chilling and snorkelling was again very pleasant and we celebrated our first anniversary of owning (or being owned by) Windward.


This lovely old vessel joined us for an evening – we had last seen them in Guadeloupe.


Here’s a video look at a favourite place:

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