Clarkes Court Bay

The weather changed (as always) bringing in some swells so we wandered around the corner to Clarkes Court on the south of Grenada. This is a pleasant bay with some variety in the anchorages on offer. We chose inside the dingy channel between Clarkes Court and Phare Blue which was out of the crowd and also had a mostly constant cooling breeze (sometimes a little more constant!!).

The holding was mud and we had to abandon our normal firm setting procedure (after two drags) and just let the anchor settle slowly in the mud under the pressure of the prevailing wind. Settle it did (we put out a goodly amount of chain); when Liz raised the anchor when we left, it was so set that we had to break it out by motoring over it and she had a quite time using the salt water wash to get the mud off both chain and anchor.

An annoying angled swell disturbed one night’s sleep so we had the opportunity to practice using a bridle from the chain to the aft cleat to swing the nose into it. It worked well and gave us more pitch than roll and comfortable sleep.

With some strong winds around, we took pains over the anchor snubbing, using chafe protection and securing and a fail safe line with a rolling hitch to protect the windlass if the snubber jumped off. My daughter Caryn’s comment when I shared the picture with her on WhatsApp – “LoL. Things that excite you Dad. Hahaha!”. She’s an Accountant, that must explain it …..


The strong winds brought lots of rain too.

Whilst there, we heard the great news that Carrie, my niece, had passed her Viva for her Ph. D. – we naturally celebrated and toasted her!

As always, every anchorage has its sunset splendours.

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We found the Whisper Cove pub/restaurant a very pleasant venue (with a small shoppie selling excellent wares) and had the pleasure of seeing Johnny and Shelley of Planet Wave again, before they skedaddled to Trinidad.

In the Grenada, all beaches are by law accessible to the public. So when we saw the lovely beach in front of the larny beach resort on Calvigny Island opposite, we took ourselves across and parked out for a while. Idyllic, with the only disturbance a pair of Labradors frolicking in the water and giving us a wet greeting.

4 thoughts on “Clarkes Court Bay

  1. Thank-you! it’s been an interesting journey since you and liz invited us into your home all those years ago. Wishing I was celebrating on those white sandy beaches with you (maybe next year…)


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