Prickly Bay

A cruisers party on the beach at the head of the bay was very pleasant. We saw friends Rob and Lindy of Sea Shak and met many pleasant people. We also learned why Goldilocks was expelled from the playground.


There was plenty of rain around and we were able to totally replenish our water tank using the rain catcher.

We had a trip to the market side of St. Georges to fetch my new prescription glasses (they took forever to arrive because of the hurricane disruptions to transport and deliveries). The Optician service was excellent though and the equipment, test procedures and advice given was far superior to what I had experienced in London when I last needed a prescription change (OK, a lot changes in 12 years).


We wandered around the market.

The church was airy and impressive with the biggest baptismal font (bath??) that I have ever seen.

We were intrigued by the Members Entrance to the St. Georges Parliament building – it was damaged by Hurricane Ivan in 2004 as was plenty else. The views from the surrounding streets were great.



We visited the local museum which was intriguing, not least having the Grenada Anthem sung to us by the young lady attending. She had a wonderfully resonant voice with a Calypso twang to it that was so pleasantly different to the normal rendering of a national anthem.


The museum itself was an interesting eclectic mix of “Amerindian” through Colonial and Independence progression.

Then a stroll back down past the waterside of the Carenage and an EC$2.50 bus back to the boat.


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