Andrew’s Day Skipper Visit

It’s been awhile since we last updated the blog. Apologies for that but we have been buzzing around a bit. Andrew decided to do his RYA Day Skipper course through Sail Grenadines out of Bequia. We were working our way up islands when he found out that he could get on the boat at Prickly Bay in Grenada and sail up to Bequia to finish there, as a one way sail. So we sailed back down to Prickly Bay again in order to meet him.

We met him and friend Tara who was also doing the course at the airport and had some time together before they started the course. Andrew had toted with him a 70 pounds package of my new Advanced Elements inflatable kayak, for which I was most grateful (more later on kayak).  He also brought in a DeLorme InReach satellite device which should enable us to communicate over satellite in text messages and allow friends and family to check where we are online (once I work out how to do the sharing of the map page ….).


They had fun and games with yacht trouble and having to change yachts with engine failure but had some great experience in close quarter sailing and mooring sans engine and differently rigged yachts.

Both Andrew and Tara passed the course with flying colours and can be seen in this pic celebrating passing together with Clive, their instructor, in the typically formal and understated manner of the Royal Yachting Association.


We sailed up to Bequia as well, spotting them en route and collecting Andrew for a relaxed sail south to Grenada to catch his flight back.

There was some good sailing, hikes on the islands and time to relax and cook.

We said our farewells at The Dodgy Dock in True Blue where we could introduce Andrew to a pint of “Windward Ale”, the flagship brew of the West Indies Beer Company in Grenada.

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