New Kayak!

The 70 pound package of our new Advanced Elements inflatable kayak was kindly lugged over his flights by Andrew when visiting us.

It is really great. Being inflatable is important as it allows us to stow it below when we do some serious ocean work and don’t want obstructions on deck. We have had a sombrella cover made for it to protect it from UV.

Then kayak can be configured to be operated by one or two paddlers which is great flexibility.

The manufacturers have done a good job with skegs and aluminium stiffening frames fore and aft such that it tracks very well in the water, even in a cross wind and swell. We have a rudder kit for it but do not feel that it needs it for our purposes.

An additional bonus is that bit is very stable and one can climb into and out of it from the yacht with ease. It is also possible to take it to a snorkelling spot, drop off the side and swim and then climb on board even more easily than into a dingy.

Many hours of kayak fun to look forward to!

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