The Elusive Leak

Something that puzzled us during our trips up from and down to Grenada was an elusive leak that seemed only to occur on the starboard tack but ended up with salt water accumulating in the engine well (not great for engines and worrying of course). At one point, having had the experienced Johnny look at it, we were tending to the opinion that it was a slow water pump leak which would have been a) expensive and b) a difficult job to remove and replace given its position.

After much burrowing around in locker spaces and the rear of the boat, we finally traced the leak (when it deigned to operate) back through the locker system to the port side cockpit scupper drain pipe.

Having recently tweaked my back, I did not want to attempt the repair myself so asked Kerry of Kerry Marine Services in Bequia to do the job. It was a struggle and I do not think we could have done it without him.

Have a look at these 18 year old pipes!!

The job was not all hard work – we also had some time for a spot of fishing!!


Being the star he is, Kerry also repaired the broken regulator retainer on our braai for free.

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