Sainte Anne

On our previous visit to this end of the island we had foul weather and had anchored close in to St. Marin. Whilst it was very convenient for shopping and technical services, we did not enjoy the anchorage (would not swim there with all the massed craft) and left quickly.

On this visit, we joined friends Johnny and Shelley (Planet Wave) and Rob and Lindy (Sea Shak) at Sainte Anne. This is a delightful anchorage.

We had a long and tiring walk around the south side of the island, through national park and a wide variety of scenery.

Post walk, the shoes needed a good wash!!

Having experienced some light winds recently, we decided to unpack our Gennaker (an asymmetric spinnaker) and see how it works. We watched some utube videos on flying an asymmetric spinnaker too. Conclusion: we will prevail on some friends to have a sail with us one day so that we have plenty of hands on board to deal with the surprises we are sure will unfurl!

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We walked over to the main beach where the sad remains of a yacht driven ashore in the hurricanes listed on the beach. A lazy morning reading and swimming was followed by a tasty lunch.

Come for a walk around Sainte Anne!


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