Visiting Antigua

We had lots of excitement just before setting off for Antigua from Guadeloupe. Off Pigeon Island, our windlass failed at night in very blowy conditions when we were forced to re-anchor due to other boats anchoring too close to us and blowing onto us. The next day, we set off for Deshais and anchored by hand in a very tight anchorage. All seemed fine until we dragged just past midnight with a wind change (we had a very small scope out due to the crowded space).  We decided to not attempt a re-anchor and set off for Antigua.

We picked up a mooring buoy in Falmouth Harbour then had lots of fun with John from Jayess (ably heckled by John from Dandelion) who very kindly helped us get the old Simpson-Lawrence working again.


Antigua has some nice beaches …

and good walks too.

Nice to see junior sailing alive and well with the ubiquitous Dabchicks out in Falmouth Harbour.

We watched the RORC 600 yacht race – 600 miles around the islands. There were stonking winds which made for record times but also something like 40 out of 84 starters withdrawing from the race, fortunately with none lost and only minor injuries.

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More walking with John and Bev from Dandelion (not Daffodil as Liz found out when she tried hailing them on VHF and got no answer ….).

We saw some of the Atlantic Challenge boat rowers coming in. Whilst I admire their endurance, can’t say it is the event for me!


and finally, what a pleasure to watch Six Nations Rugby with your mates (even if our team lost the plot).

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