Chilling in Grand Case

We have had to wait for our new mainsail to arrive from Cape Town so we have spent the last few days chilling out at anchor in Grand Case.

We took the local bus to clear in at Marigot, leaving Windward at anchor. Wow was it hot. We found the solution in an ice cold Heieneken draft and a minty Majito at the marina bar and enjoyed the wildlife and local art.

Our local hangout is the most simple and basic little bistro with an amazing view.

The fishies are welcoming and curious.

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This morning we too the inflatable kayak out for a waddle towards Ans Marcel and back.

And whilst we are so enjoying all these lovely beaches, we can’t forget just how wonderful the beach is at Praa Sands. Our home is the top floor of the sandy coloured house in the middle of the pic.


Sundown again!


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