“True History” a Bali 40 catamaran steals water

“True History” a Bali 40 catamaran, registered to Huntington Beach, California, berthed behind us on the dock at Harbour  Village Marina. She was being crewed by a French delivery crew en route to Cartagena apparently.

They used our hose to wash down the boat but as it did not consume much, we agreed not to charge them for that.

What surprised us was what followed. On the Sunday afternoon 3rd June we strolled down the waterfront to Karel’s at about 16h45.

Unbeknownst to us, the crew of “True History”, having filled
her water tanks with 240 gallons (reading 6410-6170 = 240 ) from the
Slip 3 facility occupied by ourselves, departed without leaving any payment or message.

We had to pay for the water taken.

This was witnessed by the Catamaran “Wind Dragon” as well as the Village
Harbour Marina security guard, Mario.

We emailed the Cartagena Coastguard as well as some of the Cartagena marinas, some of whom acknowledged.

We emailed the fleet, office and club managers of  Huntington Harbour Yacht Club, California, in order to make contact with the owner but received no acknowledgement.

It also appears that the vessel does not have current registration with the US Coastguard at:


Oh well, it takes all sorts …….

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