More Bonaire

After some pleasant times together, Saul and Rosie departed for Curacao where they will haul prior to going back to Hobart.

We hired bikes and had some good cycling, snorkeling and just chilling down the coast.

The view cycling down the coast is magnificent, with dive sites every 500m or so.

The underwater scenery was excellent.

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We came across this house on the waterfront with a boat attached to it!! We met the owner, a colourful character called Captain Felix, who showed us around.

Apparently he had it working as a floating restaurant until the local mafia vested interests arranged for his licenses to be withdrawn and then he had it craned up and parked in front of his house for his own pleasure. When we left, an American was talking to him about doing a deal to re-open the restaurant – hope it works out.

As in many other parts of the Caribbean, the kids sail training is going well, which is a pleasure to see.

Likkewaan by another name – iguanas were very curious and friendly.

We met a delightful couple on the mooring next door to us, Andreas and Helena from Denmark.  Andreas works on one of these: and Helena is 2IC of a submarine.

They were on their very early first sailings on their newly bought Lagoon Cat, Tango.

We had some fun excursions together including revisiting the Nature Park Slagbaai in the north of the island. They were kind enough to let us accompany them on a hike up Mount Brandaris, 240 m (790 ft) high, the highest point on the island. They even pretended that we were not slowing them down!!


Andreas and Helena sailed off early this morning for Curacao – fair sailing guys and all the best for your future cruising.

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