Inland Trip – Medellin

We visited Medellin twice – once after Gautape and once on our return from the towns to take our flight.

The city is a complex of first and third world existing energetically together and making it work. Much has been done to include the poorer areas which suffered mightily during the drug war years. Many of its successes are being copied by other developing cities around the world.

A visit to the sculptures was of course mandatory.

We stayed up on the hillside in Pablado in a small cottage with a garden. Great views of the city, easy access to transport, own cooking facilities and very quiet.

The museum of antiquities was very interesting.

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I particularly enjoyed the painting of Pablo Escobar receiving his come-uppance.


Finally, we had a trip along the metro which runs along the spine of the city and the cable ways which run up into the poorer areas along the sides of the vast valley. This took us over the hillsides and in the large Park that is preserved on the top for a very pleasant walk.

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