Minca revisited

We so enjoyed our last visit to Minca that we just had to return. This time we stayed in the wonderful Ecohabs that are bamboo and wood structures perched on a steep hillside, just outside town. The birdlife was wonderful and it was such a peaceful environment.

As usual, the walking was very pleasant with lush vegetation, birds, butterflies and rushing water.

We came across this stand of bamboo that was used to record visits (only this one, no others were “defaced”).

After the main part of the walk, we chilled in a very eclectic and laid back bar/restaurant, also made of bamboo and wood and hanging out over the gorge with amazing views.

A sundowner with a view of distant Santa Marta was followed by the most challenging burger that I have ever faced.

Toucan spotting was also fun.

And very unexpected on the return to Windward was a mass of migrating African Bees trying to take up residence under the Bimini! Fortunately, the Bee Man was quick and effective and took them away to a more productive life.

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