Bye bye Santa Marta

Time flew and we had a really pleasant stay in Santa Marta and saw a good bit of the Colombian interior. It is a great country, has dealt magnificently with a difficult past and is on a strong trajectory towards a great future. It should be on everyone’s visit list. What makes Colombia really special is its warm and welcoming people.

We did a few chores before leaving including Liz getting a second hand sewing machine and immediately making us a Dingy Outboard Engine cover.


Also finally bought a Columbian hat. They are made from a type of grass/cane and are finely woven to keep the sun and rain out. Much better than a cap if you wear glasses and it rains. I “marinised” mine by sewing in an edging band to tighten the fit together with a toggle and retaing drawstrings.

We had a last kayak out to El Morro Island for a snorkel and swim.

Then it was off with Santa Marta falling away behind us and the Sierra Nevada mountains dropping down to the horison.


It took 6.5 hours to get to 15nm off the Magdalena River and we still had lots of stuff in the water, spewed out by the river after the recent heavy rains inland. Liz got to act as spotter so we could avoid some large logs.

Two days and two nights later, after much motoring into an on the nose southerly wind and plenty heavy rain squalls (very happy with the digital radar that enables you to navigate between squalls in the dark), we arrived off Sapzurro in the dawn to be greeted by some happy, frolicking dolphin.

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