Sapzurro is a delightful anchorage. The entry is well marked and straightforward with good holding in sand. The CMAP chart is accurate and well defined, Navionics less so.

We anchored in the corner, a little away from the town as it is quieter. There is good snorkelling around the edge of the anchorage.

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Theoretically we are only allowed 48 hours here but the local officials are relaxed and we are staying about a week as it is really pleasant.

The town itself is quaint and simple. There are no roads here so no traffic.

We have had some excellent walking and more to come.

The walk to the neighbouring town to the south is about two hours. It goes over a very steep saddle with the assistance of flights of stairs either side. The forest walking is lovely and their is a viewing tower on the saddle.

Capurgana itself is much more populous and bustling and not nearly as pleasant as Sapzurro but the walk is great.

A stroll along the north shore, punctuated by a warm rain squall, ended at the last pub in Colombia, a fisherman’s beach shack in a great spot.

Behind the town, you can climb up over another saddle and through a border post and down into Panama. The post was unmanned when we went through.

There is the small town of La Miel below, with a good sand anchorage, good snorkelling and an excellent beach.

One thought on “Sapzurro

  1. Hi Guys,

    When you get to Colon do look up Ian & Christa working on “Solvesta” on the hard.
    And carry on sailing the dream. x x


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