Tales ‘n All


Here we will recount tales, yarns, jokes and maybe some Haiku when the inspiration takes us.

To start with, two tales from the Caribbean, both from a Charter briefing given by an enormous Caribbean bloke on one of our early trips. Delivered in the most delightful Caribbean lilting, musical speech.

When he started the briefing, he was being bombarded with questions from anxious charterers, unfamiliar with the waters. He said: “Now slow you down, slow you down …. There be only two speeds in the Caribbean …. and they be Neutral and Reverse!!”.

Later in the briefing he was asked by an anxious American lady about the crime levels in the Caribbean and what safety measures to take. He laughed gently and said: “No lady, we don’t have no crime here in the Caribbean …. just maybe some leetle misunderstandings!!”

More anon.

Steve’s Tales

Tales come from everywhere. We are currently enjoying tales, stories and learnings from Steve Leeds as we work on Windward.

He is a fount of knowledge (as is his good lady Linda).

He keeps telling us to tell him when he is repeating himself but we are absorbing information so fast that I am not sure we can take it all in ….

So, keep it coming Linda and Steve!!