First blog post

Well here we go at last. The start of the journey towards the dream of cruising who knows where in a blue water capable cruiser. “Windward” is now ours and we are off at the end of September to make some additions and improvements to her, spend some time cruising the Florida waters to get really familiar with her and prepare ourselves for setting off.

This blog is a work in progress and any and all suggestions for improvement are very welcome.

Don’t forget to visit the Cornwall Holiday Lets page!



One thought on “First blog post

  1. Fantastic, chaps: thanks so much for inviting us to your blog. So, the pieces of the dream all take shape. We’ll look on from the shoreline and see you triumph o’er the waves. You sound happy as pigs in shit. By a quirk of circumstance, we too are virtually waterborne this fine morn. Staying at a lodge on the shores of Loch Lomond. (I’ve been up doing some playing in fair Scotia). As soon as we get back, I’m gonna carve out a deep channel in the car park of the Ram Club so you can sail right in whenever the notion takes hold. All’s well here on terra firma. We’ll fix up sometime soon to see Bill & Anita so that we can toast your health and success on the high seas. We’ll look forward to all future posts. Stay well and live the dream. – Love ‘n best wishes from us both. – Bob & Maggie XX.


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