Off to St. Lucia

Because of the security concerns regarding St. Vincent and the southern anchorage in St. Lucia, we decided to make a 04h00 start from Bequia and bypass St. Vincent and the south of St. Lucia, heading for Rodney Bay, where we were to witness some of the arrivals from the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers (ARC), an organised and supported cruise for cruisers from the Canaries to a Caribbean location.

We started with a wonderful moon to guide us out of the anchorage. and out to sea, where we kept well out to sea.


Dawn found us passing the Pitons – we had previously climbed the pointy one (well, not to the top).

It was a lovely sail with steady winds the whole way. We made good time at about 7 knots and were in Rodney Bay by 15h30.

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