Visit to Simon Bolivar Museum

We had a pleasant visit with John and Bev (owned by Dandelion) to the Simon Bolivar museum and its environs, which included an art exposition and gardens.

Bolivar was en route to his exile from Colombia, having started in Santa Marta in poor health when he stopped over at this Hacienda. He was not in a condition to continue and kicked the bucket here somewhat later.

It is a great memorial to the Liberator and has resulted in the preservation of a unique space for the citizenry.

The art exposition was interesting. As always, different strokes for different folks.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Is ALL art political? Well, if you allow yourself to be corralled into seeing a piece ONLY in its social context, then Yes, I suppose so. But why not chill and see it just for what it is to your senses, in pure isolation occasionally. Is nature’s art political? Some would make it so I guess.

The gardens were not extensive but made for an enjoyable wander.

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