St. Georges Bay

With Hurricane Maria on the way, we went further south to St. Georges Bay and let out 40 metres of chain with the hook well set in good sand.

It is a pleasant anchorage and convenient to lots, including the Grand Anse beach.

Maria brought some heavy rain and some big swells that were less than comfortable.



And you can find beauty in rain ….

But even though we were so far away from the hurricane path, just look at the before and after images of the dingy jetty on Grand Anse beach!!

We took the opportunity of being in St. Georges and Port Louis to renew our batteries, replacing the four 92 amp house and single 92 amp starter batteries and extending the bank with another two 105 amp batteries. We also installed a new 260 watt solar panel which brings our solar wattage up to 570 watts which will hopefully reduce our need to charge from the engine. We are also looking into a small portable petrol generator.

The images of the Storms were awe inspiring and it was so sad to hear of all the damage to the many lovely places that we have visited.

We were amazed to see a prediction with THREE simultaneous hurricanes on it!!

three hurricanes

We found a local source for Namaqua rooiwyn!!


Washing day in a bucket is a wet affair and best conducted in a sarong.


Sunsets again were a soothing pleasure.

2 thoughts on “St. Georges Bay

  1. Wonderful pictures. Pleased you are becoming good hurricane dodgers.
    The underwater sculptures are great!
    Someone had a good idea.
    Keep enjoying every day.


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